Bernie Needs Campaign Organizers

Got this message from Bernie Sanders’ campaign team calling for organizers. Looks like a great opportunity to get involved!

Dear John,

Bernie just spoke to eleven thousand in Arizona. Fifteen thousand in Texas. These numbers are totally unprecedented for this stage in a presidential election in any state, let alone Red states. Millions of people are stepping up and signing up to build a movement around Bernie’s campaign.

What next? This: On the evening of July 29th, Bernie will speak to another unprecedented crowd. And this time, no matter where you live, you can attend.Bernie will be speaking via video to more than 1,500 separate events — all organized by volunteers, in their homes, in local pubs and coffee shops, in union halls, and in large auditoriums.

Reserve your spot at a kickoff meeting near you before everything fills up: Click here to see the meetings near you.

Why are so many people coming out to support Bernie? Because we know who he is — and he knows who he his. We know who he stands for — the people — and who he doesn’t stand for — the billionaire class. And anyone who watches Bernie speak for even a few minutes sees what we already know: he’s not a stage-managed triangulator — he’s the real deal.

That’s why it’s so important on July 29, that you not only bring yourself, but bring your friends too.

This is just the beginning, team. This is only our first official organizing kickoff. And we all know where this is going to end: With a grassroots movement powerful enough to take this country back from the billionaire class — and Bernie in the White House to help us do it.

Let’s go!

Team Bernie


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