The Energy From Bernie’s Supporters Is Amazing

Got this email from Claire Sandberg, a Bernie Sanders campaign organizer. A recent online rally drew over 100,000 participants. What a crowd! Read on to see just how much excitement this campaign is generating.


What our supporters pulled off Wednesday night was nothing short of historic. With more than 100,000 people at 3,500 events in every single state, it was the first step towards building the organization that will help make Bernie Sanders our next president.

This story from one of our hosts really captures just how special it all was:

“I met numerous new friends and neighbors I didn’t know. Our area of Florida is generally very Red. We were all stunned at the number of people who turned out to support Bernie. Listening to people talk about why they are supporting Bernie was truly incredible. There was a moment when we all realized that we’re in this together and really became excited about being here.” – Matthew in FL

We’re in this together, and it’s time to get to work. Watch this video showcasing our first organizing meetings and tell us how you can help our campaign.

The stories behind some of the organizing meetings are just so inspiring. People are already bringing together their communities, connecting with strangers — and even pulling each other’s dogs out of the bayou!

“One lady was surprised to see two of her friends/colleagues at the meeting. As they embraced she said, ‘I had no idea you guys were Bernie people!’ While we all got a good laugh, it was also a teachable moment! You will never know who is a Bernie person, unless you engage them and ask!” – Tariq in Georgia

“A major highlight in our group was when Bernie spoke about free college education for all who wanted it. The response among our group was overwhelmingly tremendous as we also viewed on the screen. The excitement about the event was such, people hung around after getting to know one another, noshing and networking for another hour. We have never seen this kind of excitement among strangers coming together.” – Herb in CA

“Feel the Bern salsa was a big hit – until the dog got some!” – Nick in CA

“Everyone couldn’t stop applauding during Bernie’s speech! It was a great mix of ages. I literally never met so many nice people. One lady brought me a pink t-shirt that says ‘This Babe’s for Bernie’ with two thumbs up on it.” – Margaret in OH

“It was wonderful! My guests, who ranged in ages from 10 to nearly 70, were all so engaged! We talked, laughed, I personally even cried when I told how much this campaign means to me…and got me a nice big awww…which brought me back to smiling.” – Nancy in OH

“Our group was so motivated we decided we’ll get together every two weeks and gather more and more people for our meetings.” – Andie in TX

“Someone drove 100 miles to learn more about Bernie and walked out a supporter and caucusing in February. A 17-year-old volunteer took charge to lead the post video talk and did fantastic.” – Thatcher in IA

“The best part of the event was having nine of us sitting in my backyard, total strangers, learning why we support Bernie. Essentially telling our journey. It was more than hearing someone’s political views though, it was so very human and quite touching.” – Griffith in UT

“We drew people in from other parts of the library!” – Lindsay in CO

“We had a couple of folks who came and were initially skeptical and just wanted to hear what Bernie had to say. After the video, they signed up to volunteer!” – Averi in CO

“One lady took the city bus across town and called from five blocks away saying she got too hot walking and please come get her. As it was over 100 degrees, we dispatched a car and a bottle of water immediately. She recovered and attended the meeting. People showed up. We ate Biscuits and Briskets for Bernie. We had some good wine. We watched the live feed on a big TV. During the broadcast it was as quiet as monks at church. People took it all quite seriously. They were attentive and engaged. A frank and spirited discussion of the issues followed. We left the meeting more strongly unified and with a sense of purpose. Everyone gave something and most volunteered for campaign work.” – Matthew in TX

“We had a lovely backyard party planned…all set up with the proper number of tables and chairs, snacks, drinks, etc. Just as attendees were starting to arrive, the rain came. We had a torrential downpour that lasted well into the viewing of the speech. The energy of 20+ complete (wet) strangers crowded around a computer in my little family room (with a few additional laptops and tablets) was amazing. We hung on Bernie’s every word…we applauded at every new idea he presented. What an exciting event.” – Linda in MI

“We had snacks: ‘Campaign Trail Mix’; We had games: ‘Make Your Own Pocket Constitution’ and ‘The Pin the Presidential Seal on the Bernie Sanders’ Podium Game’. Mostly, we had 27 very thoughtful, often questioning people who came from all walks of life, young first-time voters, educators, unemployed PHDs, a doorman, architects and students. Some knew of Bernie for decades, some just heard of him recently. All agreed on Bernie’s authenticity.” – Nora in WA

“We live in a town of around 550 people. To see 20 in my living room, many of whom I was just meeting, was amazing.” – Hannah in CO

“We split into small groups to discuss what in our lives drew us to the Bernie campaign. It was heartbreaking to hear the multiple stories of medical debt that have wrecked families and relationships. I learned how easy it is to open my doors and let the magic happen.” – Elliot in MN

“What I found most inspiring about the event was that I only knew two people there. I live so much of my life surrounded by folks from my generation, doing the same kind of work, with the same basic set of aspirations — this event was different. It crossed walks of life, careers and generations, bringing people together with a common interest in transforming our country. It was so easy to do! People will jump on any opportunity to actually be part of our political process.” – Jon in OR

“I invited just a few friends through Facebook. We were four and I hoped some would bring their spouse — so my estimate was six total. After I got your email to consider making it public, I got brave and opened it up to the public the very last day. We were 16 people! Sixteen very, very enthusiastic people!!! The minute the first couple arrived, our black lab bolted out the door and went for a swim in the bayou. OH NO! Worst timing! I had to stay and wait for the other people to arrive and the first attendees spontaneously said, ‘We got this, we will get him.’ The guy actually fished our dog all the way out of the water and got back soaking wet! We were all joking, ‘Hey, whatever needs to be done, we do it for Bernie!’ We want more of this! It was awesome. Our next step is to build our own local Facebook group for Bernie and stay in touch and organize from there. We are dreaming big!” – Britt in FL

“A ninety-three year old wrote a song for Bernie’s campaign, and arrived at the venue with copies of the lyrics to pass out. She and a family member opened our meeting with the group singing along with her. It was amazing. Our youngest attendee at 18 was there with her mother and very excited to have the opportunity to cast her first vote ever for Bernie.” – Jerri in VT

“Huge turnout, the room was packed, and the energy was high. It was an awesome event. We even had the #1 news network in the area come out and interview me, and we made the nightly news! It was a great event, and am super pumped to keep the momentum moving.” – Aaron in ND

Let’s get to work. Watch this video from Wednesday’s organizing meetings and tell us how you can help our campaign.

It’s an honor working alongside you in this movement,

Claire Sandberg
Bernie 2016


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