Hi Bernie Supporter … You’re Gonna Love This

Got this email today asking me to take part in an unscientific poll. Read below to see the email. Now you might not be able to see the poll results if you’re not a subscriber so I am also providing a screen shot of the results as they stand today. If you’re here because you support Bernie Sanders this should make you smile. FYI … I’m skeptical of anything related to politics and this survey is no exception, still … 🙂

The email starts here: (survey results shown after the email)

Dear Activist,

The first Democratic Presidential debate is coming on October 13, so this is a great time to ask our 3 million subscribers whom you support among the Democratic frontrunners – Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden (if he decides to run).

Just click the best answer below, and if you change your mind click the better answer. (Only your last click will be tallied.)

Hillary Clinton only

Bernie Sanders only

Joe Biden only

Clinton or Sanders or Biden

Larry Lessig only

Martin O’Malley only

Jim Webb only

Lincoln Chafee only

Green Party only

Republican Party only

Not eligible to vote

We will periodically update the total results in our blog.

Thanks for all you do!

Bob Fertik

>>> end of email snip



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