Inspiring Comments From A Bernie Sanders Supporter On Facebook

Democratic Socialism means Americans want our tax dollars spent on programs that benefit the poor, working,and middle classes, not on corporate welfare, wars, and to give the rich bigger tax’s our money, spend it on us

Bernie Sanders has proposals to reduce the deficit. These include:
+ End offshore tax havens
+ Establish .03% tax on Wall Street speculators
+ End tax breaks and subsides for big oil, gas, and coal companies
+ Establish as estate tax on inherited wealth over more than $3.5 million
+ Tax capital gains and dividends the same as work
+ Repeal 2001 and 2003 Bush tax breaks for the top two percent
+ Establish a currency manipulation fee on China and other countries
+ Reduce unnecessary spending at the Pentagon
+ Require Medicare to negotiate for drug prices
+ End mass incarceration (costs billions of dollars a year)

None of Bernie’s proposals will raise taxes for average Americans, except for the health care bill. I don’t know many people who make more than $200,000 a year. So consider that 2.2% income tax alongside what comes out of your paycheck for your employer’s health insurance and what an average visit to the doctor’s office costs (and then imagine what it costs for x-rays and surgery and things of that nature, and heaven forbid you have a medical emergency). Is 2.2% really that high? I’ve been told Briton pays 10%.

The top 2% of Americans will have some higher taxes. Taxes and fees will go up on large oil, coal, and fossil fuels companies. And Wall Street has a minuscule tax on its transactions.

Go to Bernie Sanders website how how he would fix the budget there are 10 steps in it and thats besides his tax policies, plus SINGLE PAYER WOULD BE CHEAPER THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW, free tuition college would be payed through a wall street speculation tax, and the only thing that Bernie Sanders wants that would actually cost a lot of money is his trillion dollar infrastructure jobs program that is necessary to repair our failing infrastructure, create economic stimulus and is a great investment because we’ll eventually have to do it and it’s cheaper this way in the long term, if Bernie Sanders implemented all his plans we would have a surplus by the end of his presidency.

Bernie fought for civil rights in 1960s,he marched with MLK.
Bernie fought for gay rights in 1980s.
Bernie voted against Wall Street deregulation in 1990s.
Bernie voted against the war in Iraq in 2000s.

Henry …


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