Email From Bernie Sanders Campaign Organizers

Received this Email from Bernie Sanders campaign organizers and thought you should see it too. Please share with anyone you know that wants to get involved in sending Bernie to the White House.

read the email below:

logo bernie sanders

Dear Bernie Organizers,

We had a problem. Our movement was growing in giant leaps with big national events like our organizing kickoff (3,700 events), the debate watch parties (4,000!) and of course Bernie’s huge rallies. When it came to important types of campaign work like flyering to sign up volunteers, registering voters, and gathering ballot signatures, our numbers were certainly impressive—but they were staying flat week to week.

Friday, on our first National Organizer’s Call, we told volunteers all across the country that if we want to see Bernie in the White House, those numbers must start going up every week. They responded by blowing past the previous week’s 1,130 events with 1,400!

This week we’ve got to grow our movement by exceeding that record. Each event brings in new people, and develops new leaders. To stay on course to building an organization that can win, we need 2,100 events to be created this week—a 50% increase. 

Take a second to tell us you’ll create an event of any kind this week to keep the campaign growing.

Even though all the numbers above are massively bigger than those of our billionaire-backed opponents, we need them to grow so much bigger for our voices to be heard above the multi-billion-dollar TV ad onslaught that’s coming. They’ve got billions, we’ve gotyou.

What’s so unique about this campaign: we are asking you to work in a way that typically only staff organizers do. That means we need to work toward goals and meet them. Week in, week out, until we have enough votes to win. That’s what makes working on this kind of campaign so satisfying: seeing results and getting that sense of accomplishment, over and over.

It’s an honor working alongside you in this movement!

Claire Sandberg & Zack Exley
Bernie 2016


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