Please Read, Please Share

This article on Washingtonpost .com (Click Here) provides a great analysis of the 2nd Democratic presidential debate. I believe this is probably one of the most important points made in the article …

“The next two Democratic debates are also scheduled for weekends when very few will watch: the Saturday before Christmas and the Sunday before MLK Day. The DNC denies it, naturally, but this was an obvious ploy to minimize viewership in order to help out the front-runner. After the first debate, suppressing viewership seemed unnecessary. After last night, it makes much more sense.”

If you look at the many informal surveys and the social media graph it seems clear that when people watch Bernie Sanders they pay attention. I strongly encourage you to share the link to this blog as well as the link to last night’s debate with as many people as you can. Click on the social media buttons below this post or copy the following links and paste to email or social media.

2nd Democratic Debate – YouTube

Help Bernie Win 2016 – Blog

Voters can only make an informed choice when they are truly informed!

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