How Circular-Logic Can Become A Way Of Life…

I’m terrified of Muslims. I don’t want sharia law in America.

OK. Let’s avoid that by separating church and state.

Nope. I believe in Jesus and want this country to be more Christian.

OK. Here are some refugees who need help.

Nope. Not helping refugees while we still have homeless kids and veterans here.

OK. Here’s a bill to help vets.

Nope. I don’t want to raise taxes.

OK. What about homeless kids? Surely they deserve some help.

Nope. Their parents are just lazy and want handouts. They shouldn’t have had kids if they can’t afford kids.

OK. Let’s fund Planned Parenthood to help people plan their parenthood.

Nope. Some of that money might go for an abortion, and I’m Pro Life.

OK. Let’s give everyone easier access to health care to improve and extend their lives.

Nope. That’s socialism. I believe in the Constitution, not dirty, dirty socialism.

OK. At least we can agree on that. I especially like the way the Constitution gives everyone freedom of (and from) religion.

Yes! Freedom of religion. Except Muslims. I’m terrified of Muslims…


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