Read Bernie Sanders’ Plan – Agenda For America

logo bernie sanders

Bernie Sanders is fighting for the people and against the establishment. Please take the time to research him and his stance on all issues. Here are some links to get you started. Many thanks to Johnny Blaze for sharing the original post on FaceBook.

Agenda For America:



Short documentary:

Senator Sanders accomplishments…/as-vermont-official…

Senator Sanders compared to FDR:

Civil Rights:

Black Lives Matter:…/cornel-west-endorses-bernie-sanders/

Hispanics (UDHCC Q and A):

Women’s Rights:

Sanders letter to Wall Street

Sanders and Alan Greenspan in 2003- sanders predicts 2008 downfall!

Bernie’s Economics: (will he bankrupt The US?)…/no-bernie-sanders-is…/


Raising minimum wage:

Bernie’s Tax plan…/Bernie_Sanders_Tax_Reform.htm

Taxing the very Rich…/3662773/sanders-90-percent-tax/

Protecting the environment:

Animal Rights:

Opposing fracking:

Opposing Monsanto:

Opposing Keystone Pipeline:

Ending the War on Drugs:

Foreign relations:…/bernie-sanders-on-foreign-policy/


Gun issues:…/Bernie_Sanders_Gun_Control…

How & when to vote for Bernie:

For further info on where Bernie stands on important issues:


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