What Republicans Are Saying About Bernie Sanders


I voted for Bush Jr… Twice… Bernie made me realize, after almost 30 years as a Republican, that I may actually be a Democratic Socialist.

I’m a life long Republican who is supporting and voting for Sanders. He is the most fiscally responsible candidate, from either party, running for President.

Life long republican here, the party left me a while ago, and I love Bernie. I’ve never been so passionate about a candidate before, never donated to a campaign before Bernie. I feel the Bern!

This moderate Republican likes a few Republicans but they are long shots cause the party has gone to the extreme and favor morons like Trump and Carson. So for me, I feel the Bern and I hope that I can have the opportunity to vote for you Mr. Sanders!!

I am a 66 year old lifetime Republican who is changing her registration to Democrat so I can vote for Bernie in the primaries. I am thoroughly disgusted with the Republican party and their yahoo candidates.  I FEEL THE BERN!!!

I’m a Republican voting for BERNIE.  Here’s what changed my mind, I’m a mother of two teenagers, and I want the best future possible for my kids.  Bernie is the only candidate that offers promise of a brighter future. He understands the real issues facing the American middle-class.  He is the only candidate that is actually on our side, has been on our side for 30 years and will be on our side once he’s president.  There’s no flip-flopping to Bernie!  Btw, this is the first time I’ve ever donated or gotten involved in anything political, besides voting, but I’m giving him 100%!  I am so thankful he is running as he is the only person of integrity in this race and a great role model for my kids, who also support him 100%!  We all need to work together to elect him for president in 2016! He is our best hope! #momsforbernie #enoughisenough #feelthebern


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