Bernie Sanders Gets Electable By Beating Every Top Republican Candidate In New Poll

Polls are predictable when the person in charge of selecting who will participate has a bias. That’s why I always take these poll results with a grain or two of salt for good measure.

However this survey, and many others as well, are showing a trend that is not so much about who will win as who has a shot at winning. When Bernie Sanders first announced his candidacy many on both sides thought he was unelectable, not because he didn’t have the qualifications, but because he wasn’t well-known.

Well, here we are several months later, Bernie and his campaign team have done a great job of showing the country who he is and what he stands for, and the “voice of wisdom” is changing its tune. Bernie Sanders is electable.

Here is just one example of how much the political winds of fortune have changed in the past couple of months. Bernie has gone from being “unelectable” to this amazing assessment from the most recent Quinnipiac University poll…

Sanders has the highest net approval rating ( +12) of any candidate Democratic or Republican, and he is also the candidate that voters deemed the most honest (59%-28%).

Click HERE to read the article on politicousa.

image bernie sanders


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