Great Comments From A Bernie Sanders Supporter

Read this on a Facebook forum today and thought it was worth sharing.



First of all, do not be intimidated into voting for Hillary just because of the idea that she is “more electable” against Republicans.  This was a general consensus perpetuated by the media at the very beginning of the campaign. 

Bernie is now (and for a long time) actually more electable than Hillary in almost all meaningful measures: polls, enthusiasm, support among independents, favorability, ability to convert Republicans, volunteer support, and enthusiasm.  For many months now, Bernie has consistently and significantly outperformed Hillary in matchup polls against leading Republicans, especially Trump. 

Hillary supporters may also make the case that Hillary is more experienced than Bernie.  Hillary is no doubt very experienced and qualified, but so is Bernie.  Hillary has been first lady(governor and president), a senator, and secretary of state.  Bernie has been a mayor of a large city for 8 years and a congressman for a total of 24 years.  Bernie actually has more experience in positions that people elected him to.  Voters must also consider what the candidates did in their experience.  Bernie voted against the Iraq War and Hillary voted for it.  Bernie has been consistent on his positions while Hillary has flip-flopped, evolved, tacked-to-the-left, etc.  We wanted a president who will get it right the first time, not later.  Also, compare Bernie’s net worth to that of Hillary and other politicians.  Obviously, some politicians have used politics to line their own pockets and some have not, which points to each politician’s true motive in running for office. 

If you get a chance during the caucus to make a case for Bernie, here are some suggestions for arguments to make:

1) Hillary is bought and influenced by corporate special interests and Bernie is not:
-Major interests that have donated to Hillary include Wall Street (hence unwillingness to break up banks and bring back Glass-Steagall), pharmaceutical companies (hence opposition to single-payer healthcare), and the military-industrial complex (hence more hawkish foreign policy and hints at ground war in Syria). 
-Bernie is running without a super-PAC and is funding his campaign with small donations from regular people.  He strongly emphasizes overturning Citizens United and implementing public funding of elections, which will greatly reduce corrupt influence. 

2) Bernie is proposing the policy changes that we need:
-Breaking up big banks and other reforms will greatly reduce the chance of a crash like the last great recession. 
-Switching to a single-payer/Medicare for all healthcare system will provide healthcare for all people and greatly reduce the price of prescription drugs.  Even if a small tax is necessary, you would no longer have to pay private healthcare and the net savings would be huge for almost all Americans.  A healthier and more secure population will have even greater benefits. 
-Raising the minimum wage to $15 will give struggling people survive without welfare and provide them with disposable income, which will improve the economy. 
-Bernie will make sure we do not get into more disastrous wars in the Middle East, which drive instability and terrorism. 
-Free tuition in public college will provide great opportunities for poor and minority students and help us become more competitive in the global economy. 
-Ending corporate welfare/subsidies, stashing of money abroad, and tax loopholes will provide a ton of money that we can invest in the country and will in the long run reduce our national debt. 

3) Bernie is the best candidate we have against Republicans:
-Polls consistently show that Bernie would beat Republicans by greater margins than Hillary. 
-Republicans have been attacking and smearing Hillary for years, not to mention that she has plenty of genuine scandals.  Bernie is relatively clean and untouched. 
-It looks like the Republican nominee will be Donald Trump.  Bernie is especially prepared to take on Trump compared to Hillary.  Trump can rightly attack Hillary on her campaign donations, including one donation from him.  He can also attack her for all her other scandals, real or fake.  Bernie will do much better against Trump.  Recently, Bernie criticized him for saying that wages in the US are too high.  Trump first claimed that Bernie was lying, but then as it became clear that he did say that, and that it was highly unpopular among the people, he made a complete flip-flop and said wages are too low.  That is an indication of what Bernie vs Trump would look like.


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