Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Team Using Karl Rove-Style Attack Tactics?


There can be no doubt Hillary is starting to #FEELTHEBERN

Below is an email I received today from Bernie Sander’s campaign team. While Bernie continues to focus on educating voters about the issues Clinton supporters have started slinging mud. (FYI – those donation links are Bernie’s and not mine.)


With just just two weeks to go before the Iowa caucuses, the super PAC coordinating with Hillary Clinton’s campaign is reportedly launching one of the most desperate and vile attacks imaginable: they are insinuating Bernie is too old and unhealthy to be our next president.

Let me be very clear with you: Bernie is in excellent health. But this personal attack is another example of a sickness in our democracy when it is so easy for millionaires and billionaires to buy up candidates and elections.

We are just three points behind in Iowa, but closing every day. We can’t let super PAC attacks on Bernie’s health and health care plan scare people away from voting for Bernie.

Your $3 contribution to Bernie’s campaign could be the difference between victory and defeat in the Democratic primary for our political revolution. Make one today.

In spite of these Karl Rove-style attacks, Bernie’s going to stay focused on the real issues impacting working families across the country. While he does that, we can make the millionaires and billionaires coordinating with the Clinton campaign pay a price for their attacks.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016



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