Bernie Sanders’ Speech After Iowa Caucuses (please share)

Iowa is behind us and there is no doubt we made a significant impact on voters there and around the country this week. While it is true that many Americans will never be able to overcome their party-line brain-washing (on both sides of the political aisle), many others who are more independent in their thinking are beginning to understand what Bernie Sanders wants to do, and will do, for the country when he is elected President.

Please feel free to share anything you find on this blog with friends and family, especially those that are undecided or unclear on Bernie’s position on the important issues we’re facing. As this campaign gathers momentum in the coming weeks and months one of the most important things Bernie’s online supporters can do is help get the word out to those who have not yet been introduced to Bernie Sanders!

At the bottom of each post is a set of Share buttons. When you click on one of those buttons a new window opens that automates the sharing function. My motto is “Share early and share often”. 🙂 #FEELTHEBERN #BERNIE2016



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