Bernie Sanders Supporters Speak Out

The internet community has labelled people who post outright lies, half-truths or just misleading information online with the intention of creating unnecessary conflict as ‘trolls’. Lately it seems that a considerable amount of bandwidth on the internet is consumed with these trolls and subsequent efforts to set the record straight. Unfortunately, until the internet community provides us with some really good tools to help identify and minimize the impact of these ‘trolls’ we will have to be vigilant in filtering, ignoring and/or responding to their nonsense.

Just read a great entry from Tanea Berry on Facebook, in response to inflammatory comments (no doubt. from a troll!) related to Bernie Sanders supporters, and had to repost them here.

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By Tanea Berry — Facebook

To those who are attempting to play the lame, feeble, over-used,
“Bernie Supporters Who “Hate” Hillary Are Dividing The Party!” card:

Dividing the party”? Do you realize what a ridiculous statement that is?

1.) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Hillary Clinton are the ones who have co-opted the DNC, and turned it into “Hillary Central”.

2.) DWS and HRC are the ones who have orchestrated the mainstream media blackout against Bernie Sanders, all while HRC is receiving campaign donations from Time Warner.

3.) DWS and HRC are the ones who have deliberately limited the number of Democratic debates, and scheduled them when viewership would be abysmally low.

4.) DWS is the one who tried to deny Bernie Sanders’ access to voting records.

5.) As Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the one who has breached her duties in representing the Democratic party as a whole, and it has cost the DNC dearly. Fund raising is part of her job, yet the DNC is strapped for cash.

6.) Hillary Clinton is the one who is lying about Bernie Sanders’ plans for creating a single payer healthcare system, while completely overlooking the contradictions between her positions that she claims to hold today, and her prior positions that extend from 1993 to 2008. A look at the corporations and parties who are bankrolling her campaign must assuredly raise the eyebrows of any thinking, objective voter.

So, please spare us the sanctimonious crap about how Bernie’s supporters are “dividing the party”.

What Hillary Clinton’s apologists fail to realize is that Bernie’s supporters are people of principle; we have core values that we proudly embrace, and that we refuse to yield. With the exception of the Fascist Oligarchs who are bankrolling her campaign, HRC supporters will not have to swallow a bottle of antacid and hold their noses while casting their ballots for Bernie Sanders in 2016.

With Bernie Sanders, there is no moral or ethical dilemma of “choosing between the lesser of two evils”. Bernie comes with no baggage, and no secret promises tied to the modest donations that are flooding his campaign coffers. He’s bound to no secret promises or backroom dealings. He embodies the values that we hold dear. This is one politician on Capitol Hill who will never need a legal defense fund.

Not so, should Hillary become the Democratic nominee. At the very least, in order for Sanders supporters to cast a vote for HRC, we would have to be willing to stomach all of her character flaws and long, sordid history of malfeasance, shady dealings, and misdeeds.

That isn’t “hatred” talking; it’s just plain, pathetic fact.


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