Revolt Against Superdelegates


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There are 712 superdelegates—made up of Democratic elected officials and other prominent party leaders—who have the power to tip the scales, potentially shifting the vote at the convention to whomever they choose. This process is undemocratic and fundamentally unfair to Democratic primary voters.

New Petitions are highlighting the superdelegate process

MOVEON.ORG – Superdelegates: Let the voters decide

MOVEON.ORG – Superdelegates: Don’t Deny Democracy


I’m happy to see the superdelegate issue is getting exposure. The practice is shady and borderline unethical since it is designed to allow the party to legally force a candidate on the people if it (the party) doesn’t like how the popular vote is going. They have publicly admitted this several times.

The reason this has never been much of an issue in the past is because the party has always gotten the candidate it wanted during the primaries.

Some voters are simply more easily influenced to choose a certain candidate that appears more “electable” by virtue of the large number of delegates they accumulate early in the process.

The party obviously undrstands this and corporate-owned media does too, which is why the superdelegate counts have gotten considerable press so early in the primary process. Hillary has been the party choice from the start and with Bernie performing so well they feel the need to use the superdelegate counts to apply some psychological pressure to remaining undecided voters.

Bernie Sanders is clearly not the Democratic party establishment’s first choice for a candidate and the superdelegate issue should not be ignored because they will rely heavily on those votes if the popular vote during the primary process ends up being really close.

If Bernie ended up with 70% of the popular vote overall the superdelegsates would be irrelevant but that is not llikely to happen. What we (Bernie supporters) need to do is continue to elevate this isssue, answer questions when they come up and support polls and petitions that make our desires known to the superdelegates.

We also need to keep in mind that the upcoming election is not just for president – the vast majority of Congress is up for election this year as well. The majority of superdelegates are elected representatives and they should also be made to understand they are at risk of losing their cushy gov’t jobs if the voters are aware of the role the superdelegates play in this process and somehow feel they behaved inappropriately.

Voters seem to have painfully short memories when it comes to remembering how well (or how poorly) their representatives performed duing their term but current technology as well as diligence on the part of some key individuals should go along way toward compensating for that deficiency.

Learn more about and track the Democratic Party’s superdelegate activity here:,_2016


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