New York Was Disappointing – We Have Work To Do

image bernie sanders

New York wasn’t the result we were looking for. But we still have a path to the nomination, and our plan is to win the pledged delegates in this primary.

Let’s be clear: we put more than 3 million calls into New York last weekend, and turned out a HUGE number of voters for Bernie. They voted for Bernie, for his ideas, and for our movement. And for each voter we contact, we’ll win more states, win more pledged delegates, and win the nomination.

This coming Tuesday, five more states vote, with 384 delegates up for grabs. We need to win every delegate possible in these contests to take a big bite out of our opponent’s lead before the primary season moves westward.

So we’re calling for an all-hands-on-deck mobilization this Saturday through Monday to find Bernie supporters in the April 26th states and get them out to vote. Will you pitch in?


Our goal for this weekend is 20,000 callers phonebanking on Saturday through Monday – which is very ambitious. But if we can hit our goal for callers, together we’ll make over 3.5 MILLION calls into the states that vote next Tuesday, which could make a yuuuge difference in some of these races.

Sign up to make some calls this weekend.

If you’ve never made phone calls to voters before, don’t worry. It’s easy. All you need is a computer or a tablet and a phone. There’s a simple script for you to follow, and there are volunteers standing by on livechat to help if you get stuck. You can call on your own from anywhere, or click here to find a phonebank event with other Bernie supporters near you.

Despite disappointing results from New York – where we were playing on our opponent’s home turf, and under some of the most onerous voter registration requirements in the country – we are going to campaign hard until the very last primary votes are cast in June. And every voter we call on the phones makes a difference for our delegate count.

When we stand together, there is nothing we cannot accomplish – including winning this nomination. So sign up to call for Bernie this weekend and keep our political revolution strong.

In solidarity,

Team Bernie



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