We Have A Narrow Path To Victory


Yesterday morning on Meet the Press Bernie Sanders acknowledged that we have a “narrow path to victory,” but that we are going to “fight through that path.”

Tomorrow five states vote. They are big ones, and Bernie is campaigning hard. Last night 14,000 people showed up to see him in New Haven, Connecticut. Earlier in the day, 7,000 came to see him in Providence, Rhode Island.

At every event, with crowds as large and excited as at any point in this campaign, people are telling Bernie to fight. To fight for every last delegate, and for every last vote— not just because they’re needed to win, but because each one sends an unmistakable message about our country’s need for transformational change.

So Bernie is going to fight, and he needs you with him, and that’s why we have to ask:

Can Bernie count on you to contribute $2.70 to our campaign as a way of saying you are still with Bernie Sanders and believe that every vote and every delegate is an important declaration of support for the values we share?

We have another FEC fundraising deadline in just five days, and everyone will be looking to see how many people are willing to keep fighting with Bernie so that no one who works 40 hours a week lives in poverty, so health care is a right for all Americans, so kids can go to college without crushing debt, and to reclaim our democracy from the billionaire class.

Your contribution sends a message that you are with Bernie, and will never stop fighting for the values we share.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016


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