I will be damned if we let the Republican Party win the working class

Sharing the latest e-mail from Bernie…

Bernie Sanders 20

John – We had some amazing election results last night. We won the Oregon primary and came to yet another virtual tie, this time in Kentucky. That’s 21 victories for us so far, plus three more virtual ties where the margin was less than one percent of the vote.

Now some people say that we have a steep hill to climb, and that is absolutely true. But together we have been climbing that steep hill from day one of our campaign. And let me be clear as I can be: we are in until the last ballot is cast.

This is the beginning of the final push to win California. But we are going to fight for every last vote, because every delegate we win is a statement of public support for the values we share.

Make a $2.70 contribution to our campaign today to help us win California and ensure we have the resources to continue our fight all the way to the Democratic Convention.

I come from the working class of this country, and I will be damned if we allow the Republican Party, who represent the rich and powerful, to win the votes of working class Americans.

It is my belief that the candidate best prepared to stop Donald Trump from winning the White House is the candidate who supports a $15 federal minimum wage, who stands on picket lines with striking workers, and who will fight to take our democracy back from the billionaire class.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders



Hillary’s Team Prepares For The Worst – Bernie Must Stay In The Race

(excerpt from article) “As federal investigators dig deeper into the Clinton e-mail server fiasco the bad legal news for Hillary Clinton continues to pile up. Last week, Mrs. Clinton’s five closest advisers when she was Secretary of State, four of whom remain close to her and have significant positions in her presidential campaign, were interrogated by the FBI. These interrogations were voluntary, not under oath, and done in the presence of the same legal team which represented all five aides.

Mrs. Clinton’s folks are preparing for the worst. They have leaked nonsense from “U.S. officials” that the feds have found no intent to commit espionage on the part of Mrs. Clinton. Too bad these officials — political appointees, no doubt — skipped or failed Criminal Law 101. The government need not prove intent for either espionage or for lying to federal agents.

And it prosecutes both crimes very vigorously.”

Click HERE to read this story on Fox News.


Media Silent As Bernie Sanders Packs California Stadium Beyond Capacity

(Mainstream media, the best news money can buy?)

Despite the mainstream media’s repeated assertions that the Bernie Sanders movement is now a thing of the past, enthusiasm from his base only seems to be growing, based on the overwhelming number of people who flocked to his rally in Sacramento this Monday night.

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Bernie Sanders Says He’s Staying In – It’s ‘Good For The Democratic Party’

Bernie Sanders is staying in the race until the last primary and the nation will be better off for it, he told NPR’s Steve Inskeep in an interview that will air Thursday on Morning Edition.

Inskeep, passing on questions he had invited on Twitter, asked Sanders if he is “threatening [his] revolution” by continuing to run, potentially scaring some voters away from supporting Hillary Clinton — the likely Democratic nominee — in November.

Click HERE to read a transcript of the interview on NPR.

Bernie Sanders Has Broad International Interest

Just took a quick peek at the stats for our little Bernie Sanders blog and was pleasantly surprised to see that we regularly get visitors from around the world!

Most of our traffic comes from search engines so visitors are actually typing Bernie Sanders’ name into search engines and not just casually clicking the links they see on Twitter or Facebook.

FYI — we now have over 900 followers. Go Bernie!


We Won Indiana!

Moments ago the news networks declared us the winner of yet another state – our 18th of the primary season: Indiana.

For the past several weeks, the corporate media has counted us out of this election. The political and financial establishment of this country have been vocal in their desire for us to go away. To get in line.

Today, the voters had another idea.

Every victory we earn is extraordinarily important for our political revolution. Not just because of the delegates we earn, but because each win and all the work that goes into that effort sends an unmistakable message to the establishment of this country that we will never stop fighting for the values we share. I say we keep fighting. Are you with me?

Your $2.70 contribution to our campaign sends a powerful message that we will fight for the values we share all the way through the Democratic convention and beyond.

The next states up are West Virginia, Kentucky and Oregon. They are all places we have a chance to do very well. I am in this fight through the Democratic convention. Thank you for standing with me.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders

“I will be with Bernie as long as he is willing to fight”

I want you to read this note. It’s one of thousands we’ve received from people who have contributed to our campaign this week urging Bernie to keep fighting for every vote and for every delegate all the way through the convention:

“I am a teacher and Bernie is the only candidate that is truly fighting for all of us. No other candidate has his platform of universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, and the rebuilding of our infrastructure. I will be with Bernie as long as he is willing to fight!” – Melissa from Massachusetts

We have an important FEC fundraising deadline tomorrow and the entire corporate media and political establishment will be looking to see just how many of Bernie’s supporters are willing to keep fighting for the issues that have powered this campaign from the start. That’s why we have to ask:

If everyone who have signed up to support Bernie chipped in $2.70 before our FEC deadline, that would send a powerful message that you will never stop fighting for the values we share and ensure we have the resources we need to fight for every vote through the convention.

Here are some more powerful stories we received from donors this week:

Heather from North Carolina wrote, “I am a 42 year old woman with stage IV breast cancer and I want to leave the world a better place for my three children. I believe Bernie is the man to lead us towards a better future for all, not just a few.”

Anne from Ohio added,“I believe in Bernie and he represents my values and political policies. I will continue to support him and this political revolution. Thank you for giving us all a voice.”

And Avid from Utah made a contribution along with this note. “I have been actively phone banking and contributing almost daily for Bernie. Please do NOT give up the fight. Bernie is an inspiration and is giving hope to me and my family!”

Add your $2.70 contribution to Heather, Anne, and Avid’s before tomorrow night and we are going to win a lot of delegates through the remainder of this campaign while sending an unmistakable message that our political revolution will never stop fighting for the values we share.

Bernie is going to keep fighting to win every vote and every delegate, not just because that’s the only way to win a nomination, but because if we continue to stand together we can transform the Democratic Party and take our country back from the billionaire class.

In solidarity,

Jeff Weaver
Campaign Manager
Bernie 2016

Something Astonishing Is Happening In California


An important message from Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director, Democracy for America

Since the beginning of 2016:

– Nearly 1 million new voters have registered in California.

– There’s been a 70% increase in the number of voters age 18-29 registered in 2016, as compared to 2012.

– Latino registration is 98% larger this year than in 2012

– Democratic Party registration is up 185% (!) over 2012.

It’s clear that one of the main reasons fueling this record-breaking surge of voters is Bernie Sanders and our political revolution. 

The California primary is on June 7, and voters are flocking to the chance to vote for him. California also holds important primaries for state and Congressional races that day — and a surge of Bernie voters can help progressives down-ballot.

After Tuesday’s primaries, some are calling for Bernie to drop out of the race. They don’t want to let everyone vote. And they don’t seem that interested in helping out important progressive candidates hoping for help from voters inspired by Bernie Sanders. Bernie’s made it clear he’s staying in the race. Let’s stand with him.

Democracy for America members have stood by Bernie Sanders since you overwhelmingly endorsed him in 2015. Now it’s time to send a message to the political establishment: We’re going all the way — from Indiana to California — with Bernie. Chip in $3 or more now to Bernie Sanders and DFA to help build the political revolution across America.

In addition to helping Bernie win every vote and every delegate possible, here’s another very intriguing reason why California is so important:

Because the California primary will ultimately decide whether Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee — or whether Ted Cruz forces a contested convention — it means a lot of Republicans will be voting in the California primary. At the same time, California voters are also deciding who will run in the November election for an open U.S. Senate seat, for several crucial House races, and for state and local offices.

California uses the “top two” primary process, which means the two candidates who get the most votes — regardless of party — go on to the November election. If Democrats stay home, while Republicans flock to the polls in their final opportunity to decide who their nominee will be, then that could spell doom for progressive candidates up and down the ballot.

I know a few Wall Street banks and big oil companies that would love nothing more than for Democrats to stay home and not vote. They don’t want to see the political revolution show up in critical primaries in California and the remaining states voting in May and June.

Bernie Sanders has made it clear he’s going to fight hard until every state, territory, and district has had its chance to vote. DFA stands with him. Will you help?

Chip in $3 or more right now to Bernie Sanders and DFA today. Together, we can drive progressives to turn out, win primaries from Indiana to California, and continue to build our political revolution from coast to coast.

Thank you for helping people power defeat billionaire power.

– Charles

Charles Chamberlain, Executive Director
Democracy for America

Three Things That I Know To Be True


Coming out of last night’s results, in which we won Rhode Island but came up short in four others, I want to pose to you three things that I know to be true:

1 – Young people — the future of our country — continue to vote for our campaign in overwhelming numbers. It’s remarkable, and honestly quite humbling.

2 – When we compete in open primaries that encourage the participation of independents, new voters, and young people, we do very well.

3 – What remains in front of us is a very narrow path to the nomination. In the weeks to come we will be competing in a series of states that are very favorable to us — including California. Just like after March 15 — when we won 8 of the next 9 contests — we are building tremendous momentum going into the convention.

That is the reality of where we are right now, and why we are going to fight for every delegate and every vote. It is why I am going to continue to speak to voters in every state about the very important issues facing our country. Our country cannot afford to stop fighting for a $15 minimum wage, to overturn Citizens United, or to get universal health care for every man, woman, and child in America.

I’m asking you to help me continue to lead these fights. We have an FEC deadline on Saturday and another primary on Tuesday. Every vote we earn and every delegate we win is a testament to our ideas, to our movement, to our political revolution, and our willingness to take this campaign for the Democratic nomination all the way to the convention.

Will you contribute $2.70 to help our campaign and DFA continue to speak to voters about the incredibly important issues facing our country? Your support right now before two big deadlines will send an unmistakable message that our voices will still be heard.

There is no doubt in my mind that what you and I have done together up to this point is nothing short of historic. And I know that if we are going to work together, we will continue making history.

In solidarity,

Bernie Sanders